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Pilates-Yoga Fusion | 11 am - 12 pm
June 3-24 (4 weeks) Open to all adults
$40 for Residents; $50 for Non-Residents

Ever wanted to try pilates or yoga but thought it would be hard? This open level mat class gives you the foundation blending pilates and yoga exercises (with music) geared towards increasing flexibility, strength and joint stability. The class will have a strong focus on spinal health and injury prevention. Bring a mat and blanket.

Healthy Stretch & Strengthening: | 12-12:45 pm

June 3-24 (4 weeks) Open to adults 55+
$20 of Residents; $30 for Non-Residents

Move for your health with Chair Fitness to music. A total body workout promoting muscle and bone strength as well as cardiovascular, digestive and immune system health. Class exercises will also target better balance and brain function while boosting energy.

Meditation/Chair Yoga | 12:45-1:30pm
June 3, 10 and 24 (3 weeks) Open to adults 55+
$20 of Residents; $30 for Non-Residents

With its mind-body approach, this class is designed to support overall wellness, both physical and mental. Emphasis on improving body alignment, flexibility and mobility, as well as reducing stress.

Register online: register.communitypass.net/leoniarecreation

Or call the Leonia Recreation Center at: 201-592-5783

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