Meet Lynn Simonson

Interview and Editing by Teresa Perez Ceccon. January 28, 2020.


“I learned that the injuries are there to tell you something.” 

Lynn Simonson, the creator of the Simonson Technique, an approach that promotes longevity for dancers, hardly could have foreseen the longevity and reach of her in- innovative thinking. At the age of 75, she tells her story.

The Power and Versatility of Jazz Dance: A Review of the JCE Jazz Dance Project on October 26, 2019

by Dominique Robinson Jazz Choreography Enterprises, Inc.

The gem of the evening, “Do I Move You?” by Teresa Perez Ceccon, really shined light on the versatility needed in the richness of jazz’s ability to allow all forms of expression into its world. To the sounds of “Do I Move You?” by Nina Simone, these experienced dancers didn’t just dance to the moving power of Nina’s voice and lyrics, but they embodied their individual stories, making each dancer impossible to stop watching. Kicks and turns will always electrify an audience, but actually ​being​ the story you are dancing, wearing your insides on the out for your audience, creates a visceral experience as rare as it is exceptional. Captivating the room with rich royal blue fabrics, intricate use of patterns and levels, this piece answered the question Nina Simone was asking. And that is how you keep your audience wanting more.

A Latin Jazz Class to Benefit Puerto Rico

by Josh Harris Jazz Choreography Enterprises, Inc.

On November 6th, Jazz Choreography Enterprises teamed up with jazz dance instructor Teresa “Te” Perez Ceccon to hold a Latin Jazz dance class to benefit the people of Puerto Rico. Ceccon approached JCE about sponsoring the event, which took place at Pearl Studios and was attended by a mix of her students and some JCE followers.

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